First Access

If you have not yet accessed your client portal, please email a request for a setup link to If you do not receive your link, please check your Spam folder before emailing again, as many clients' links have been sent there.

Regular Log On

Once you have set up your portal, you may access the log in page HERE.

Portal Ins and Outs

Once you are in your portal, you should have two folders: Documents from Preparer, and Documents to Preparer.

Anything we upload to your portal will be waiting for you in the Documents FROM Preparer folder.

If you are sending something to our office, you will do so in the Documents TO Preparer folder. Click the folder, then click the Upload button at the top of the folder. From there, you can choose which files to upload!

Business vs Individual Client Portals

If we prepare your individual returns as well as business returns, you will only receive one portal, set up under your personal name. Please send us all of your information through this portal, and make sure to label all documents with which entity they belong to. We will only set up a client portal for a business if we do not complete your individual return.

Why Have We Switched?

We have adopted a new method of electronic delivery simply for security purposes. We wish to keep your private information as safe as possible, and using this portal is much more secure than sending information over email.