We charge hourly for tax work. The average individual return runs $500-$700 while our typical business return runs $750-$1,000.  We are not only here to provide data entry of your return, but to give you personalized attention and service. We ensure that you are taking advantage of all possible deductions, and keeping your tax liability as low as possible. Lower end priced returns are typically individual returns with a few additional schedules, such as Schedule A for itemized deductions, Schedules B and D for investment income, Schedule E for rentals, and so on. 

By completing the individual checklist and using our client organizer to ensure you send all of your information the first time is a sure fire way to keep your individual tax return preparation costs as low as possible. As for our business clients, sending a clean and accurate set of financial statements as well as complete supporting documents (bank statements, loan docs, credit card statements, etc.)